Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Bill Tilburg

If you are going to be successful, you need to step out of your comfort zone and engage other professionals so you can learn and grow. The Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast provides a great forum for learning and challenging yourself to be better. In my 3 years with BNI Needham Breakfast, I have learned new ways to approach customers, to challenge myself and to be a better communicator. Best of all I have experienced double digits increases in my travel business thanks to the network I have developed with BNI Needham Breakfast.

It requires a commitment to attend weekly meetings and to develop trusting relationships with the other chapter members. I have found this investment of my time to be well worth the effort!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Alan Pransky

I joined the Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast about one year ago and immediately started to learn how to make my business better. The purpose of BNI is to generate referrals to each other. In the process we get to know each other and learn about all of the members’ businesses.. At times, we share ideas and knowledge. The result was an improvement in my business.

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Bob Tennant

When I came to the Boston Networking Group called Needham Chapter of BNI over 10 years ago, I admit I was skeptical about learning this “organized” form of networking. I belonged to a number of civic and community groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Boys & Girls Club, Masons, etc, and I thought I had pretty good networking skills which resulted in a thriving legal business. What BNI has done, has refined my networking skills and brought them to a new level, which in turn, has increased my business. Through utilizing the BNI concept of “givers gain” over the last 10 years, the Needham Breakfast Chapter has become my “best” client and I treat it as my “best” client. It has also provided me with a network of qualified individuals that I can easily refer to my best clients. My only regret is that I did not find BNI sooner.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From David Rourke

I have been a member of BNI for over 14 years. When I first heard of this Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast I thought, no way am I going to a meeting every week, no way am I waking up for a 7 am meeting every Wednesday morning and no way am I referring my clients to these people I don’t even know.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t listen to myself! By becoming a member of this group I learned very quickly about the power of developing meaningful relationships and trust. It did not happen overnight, but in a 6 to 12 month period I gained tremendous confidence in my fellow BNI member’s ability and skill to the point where it was a no brainer to refer them to my clients because of the many benefits they offered my clients. I refer over $100,000 per year to the members in the chapter. Through the special relationship building techniques that the organization exposes you too I have been able to build better business relationships outside the group as well, mainly because I truly understand the power in developing meaningful business relationships.

Some of my best friends came from BNI. All of my current employees have come from BNI. BNI accounts for over 15% of my company’s annual revenue. I wouldn’t think of leaving it!

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Gena Comenzo

The benefits I have experienced from the Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast are greater than added business. By thinking more often about my business and talking about it, I have found my voice. Even though there are many people out there that do what I do, I can now clearly explain what makes my business different. It has taught me that success comes to those who know they are going to succeed, and most importantly, it has taught me about the importance of relationships. BNI Needham Breakfast gives you a network of resources that make you the "go-to" person when someones needs a service, because they know you KNOW the best people. It is a wonderful feeling to have the depth of resources in so many areas as I do now. Overall BNI does constitute about 35% of my company's business, and that is up from last year. From a marketing perspective, I feel like I have a sales team out there that I have infused with new information every week. And more than that, I love the energy that room creates every week to push us all to exceed our expectations for ourselves and each other.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Tina Wright

I never expected to join a Boston Networking Group period, never mind BNI. No way did I have time for a meeting every week...and then, I went as a visitor to the BNI Needham Breakfast - which is in Wellesley and has coffee but no breakfast. I was committed. It is a wonderfully irreverent group of people, who like to laugh, have fun and really do try hard to refer members business. It works! It's a great way to focus on your business and your marketing efforts every week. It's a fun opportunity to network and to develop new business opportunities and relationships. Givers do gain - you really try to help members in the group and they genuinely want to help you.