Monday, April 25, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Peter Ciesluk

I have been a member of that Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast for almost 12 years, and every month the revenue that I receive that is attributable to our chapter is between25% and 35% of my gross sales. In short, BNI works for me and is totally worth the investment. The added benefit of having a close relationship with a dedicated and competent group of professionals as a business resource is worth the price of membership.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Janet Edsall

There are many reasons why I benefit from being in a Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast. Some of those reasons are intangible like:

  • I have made a lot of friends.
  • Having the meetings at 7 am gets me going early
  • It's very informative and I learn a lot about my fellow members businesses and;
  • We always have a few laughs
  • All in all it's a very positive way to start the day.

But the three most important tangible reasons that I am grateful for the Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast is:

  • The referrals I have received. One year the referrals I received generated $88,000 in commissions in my pocket.
  • I have also benefited regularly from the professionals in our chapter by giving their names to to clients, family and friends. They always make me look good.
  • The third valued reason is that BNI has given me the confidence to speak in front of groups; I have avoided doing that my entire life. Therefore I have developed my skills that has benefited me in other areas of my career.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boston Networking Group

All you really have to know about our Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast with respect to the value of relationships is to look at the big picture. The big picture can be viewed with three simple numbers. Those numbers are:


6.2 Million

2.6 Billion

Those numbers mean:

54 Countries

6.2 Million referrals passed per year

2.6 Billion dollars in member sales per year

This is all a result of a simple formula of meeting at the same place and time every week, telling everyone about your business and meeting members offline. That is what we do and that is why BNI Needham Breakfast members share over $1,000,000 in annual revenue per year. All through referrals.