Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boston Networking Group

Great Networkers

What separates a Great Networker from an amateur Networker?

A great networker understands that the reason why they are going to any networking event is to give. The amateur goes to networking events to get.

Great Networkers understand that successful networking is a journey. Amateurs think that networking is a final destination.

Great Networkers know that networking creates relationships and relationships create sales. Amateur’s think that Networking creates sales.

Great Networkers are consistent because they understand that marketing is consistent action over time. Amateurs are drive by shooters looking to make sales today and if they don’t they get frustrated and quit.

Great networkers know that people make buying decisions emotionally and then back up their decision logically. These great networkers know their products so well that they can communicate how their products or services are going to benefit their prospects lives. Amateurs talk about facts, like how old the company is, their experience, and price.

Great networkers are interested in others while amateurs struggle to figure out how to be interesting to others.

Finally, Great Networkers don’t give to get, Great Networkers give to give.