Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Greg Mandile

In one year the Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast has done many things for me and my business. First it got me out from behind my desk and talking/networking with other individuals who are business owners like me trying to grow our businesses without having to launch expensive marketing campaigns. It also has me thinking about my business in different ways after learning about how other people approach their business. I have met a lot of really great people who have given me great suggestions on how to grow my business and more importantly I have received a great number of referrals in my first year. The number of referrals I have received were greater than the amount I expected the first year. And the success rate of turning the referrals into business is amazingly high, because the referrals you receive are people who are looking for your services. BNI has been a great experience and one I would suggest to any business owner.

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