Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston Networking Group Testimonial From Janet Edsall

There are many reasons why I benefit from being in a Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast. Some of those reasons are intangible like:

  • I have made a lot of friends.
  • Having the meetings at 7 am gets me going early
  • It's very informative and I learn a lot about my fellow members businesses and;
  • We always have a few laughs
  • All in all it's a very positive way to start the day.

But the three most important tangible reasons that I am grateful for the Boston Networking Group called BNI Needham Breakfast is:

  • The referrals I have received. One year the referrals I received generated $88,000 in commissions in my pocket.
  • I have also benefited regularly from the professionals in our chapter by giving their names to to clients, family and friends. They always make me look good.
  • The third valued reason is that BNI has given me the confidence to speak in front of groups; I have avoided doing that my entire life. Therefore I have developed my skills that has benefited me in other areas of my career.

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